Back Home Part 5

This is probably the longest blogisode that I have so far. Alright, here we go.. Part 5. Singapore, my second home. Before going there, I told myself that I’ll stuff myself crazy with all the scrumptious food that I’ve been missing every day. And so I did. Here’s a slideshow of some of the delicious foods and drinks that I had the pleasure to nom and sip while I was in Singapore (plus a couple from my transit in Japan, couldn’t resist the temptation to eat authentic Japanese food)…

But of course I did a whole bunch of other things there too. Like going on a fish spa with J and my brother. It was J’s first time (you can see the video at the end of this post) and I think he enjoyed it, haha.

Sg17 Sg18
At first, I wanted to bring J out during New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks extravaganza that Singapore does every NYE. But I changed my mind thinking that it’ll be super crowded, we’d have trouble finding our way back because there won’t be vacant taxi around for us to take, let alone taking public transportations. So J, my mom and I went to a local supermarket called Cold Storage and bought a bottle of champagne and a whole bunch of snacks while my dad and my younger brother went to Chomp-chomp Hawker Center to buy food. It’s something like a food court, but Singaporean style. One place, a variety of food, cheap prices. Heaven of food, basically. We settled down at area by the pool at the place that we were staying (the same place that I spent my 8 years of living there), ate, talked, danced, failed at counting down, shared our new year’s wishes, and dreams… Definitely glad that I made the choice to spend NYE with my family.

Sg25 Sg26 Sg27 Sg28 Sg30 Sg31

When you’re in Singapore, you have to go to the malls. Takashimaya, Paragon, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Plaza, 313, Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City, and the list goes on. So I did that. And of course, walk down the ever so famous (and crowded) Orchard Road. It was still decorated with Christmas lights and decorations which brings back all the memories… Oh, how I miss Singapore.

Sg2-2 Sg2-4 Sg2-6

I also had the pleasure to meet some of my friends. Extremely grateful and touched over the fact that they made time to meet me despite their busy life schedules. It was almost like I was transported back in time, to the time when I was still living in Singapore, to my secondary school days. It definitely hit me hard, the fact that I missed being home, how much I missed being around my friends and everything else that I hold close to my heart — so very much. I’m glad that I was able to relive the old days with them even when it was just for a little while.

Sg2-5 Sg5-2 Sg5-4

I also did a couple photoshoot with my long time friend, AJ. We were late for about half an hour (nothing new right there). But! He was kind enough to wait for us and even went beyond the 2-hours time frame that we had booked him for. I’ve yet to get the rest of the photos from him, but check out his website here for more beautiful shots by him!

Photo by AJ Snapshot

Sg3-7 Sg3-6 Sg3-4 Sg3-1 Sg3-3 Sg3-2

I also visited the newly opened River Safari. I loved it, definitely a must-go destination whenever you’re visiting Singapore. And because you can purchase the tickets online without having to print them, you can save your time by doing that.

My dad and little brother had to go back to Indonesia earlier which was hard to say goodbye but it had to happen since my brother’s school reopens just a couple of days after the new year. Needless to say, I bawled and weeped like no other.

Sg4-6 Sg4-2 Sg4-1 Sg4-4

J and I had our very first double date with my best friend Sherene and her longtime boyfriend. We had plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of food during our dinner at Marchè, watched the Seventh Son movie (love it, by the way). It was great to see how J and Sherene’s boyfriend got along. It felt like a dream because we’ve been wanting to have a double date for a long while now. Definitely hope to do it again.

Sg4-14 Sg4-7 Sg4-13

We went to the South East Asia (S.E.A.) Aquarium on our 33rd monthiversary. I loved it! Huge tanks and viewing areas, definitely one of my favorite aquariums!

The tickets to the aquarium are valid throughout the whole day, so that means we were able to re-enter. Which was great since we had planned a meet-up with my ex-guardian and her husband at Kudéta, a bar by day and club by night. It’s located at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the view from up there was simply breathtaking. The food were great and the pizzas? Must try!

Sg6-6 Sg6-5 Sg6-7 Sg6-15 Sg6-16

I guess that pretty much summed up by time in Singapore. I hope it won’t be another two years before I get to go home again. Until then, I left a huge chunk of my heart in Singapore.