Weekend Getaways: Ice Castels & Snowboarding

Yet another long overdue post. What’s new right? I always do this to myself. There’s so much I want to do.. stream on Twitch, update my blog, create content for my Youtube channel and of course, do my school assignments. But the thing is, I can only focus on one thing at a time and leaving the rest unattended. When I’m working on the things for my Twitch live stream channel, I’ll spend so much time on it that I don’t do all the other things that I’m also supposed to do. Same goes to the times when I’m working on my Youtube, blog posts, etc. Le sigh. Anyway…

J brought me up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago to see the ice castles and go snowboarding. I needed that weekend break. Things have been moving so fast for me that it’s hard to slow down, and every now and then, I seek out short getaway like that to keep myself sane. Usually, I’d be the one planning the trip but this particular one was special because it was J who planned it all (he was even the one who suggested for us to go for a trip). That, ladies and gents, is something so very extremely rare because J just doesn’t plan things, lol.



On our way up, we stopped by our favorite diner around the area and that is Tilt’n Diner. I had a sudden craving for root beer float and that’s just what I ordered. My gosh, I have never in my life seen a root beer float with that much ice cream! It was huge! No kidding. It was delicious though, that’s a definite.

Ics6 Ics7 Ics8 Ics9

The drive up was relaxing.. well, at least for me. Not sure if it’s the same for J because he was the one who drove, lol. The weather channel predicted that it was going to snow during the weekend, so it was pretty gloomy but pretty nevertheless. At one point, no other car was on the road that we were on which was awesome because it felt like we were in our own world and the road was ours or something, haha.

Ics53 Ics52 Ics51 Ics50 Ics49 Ics48 Ics55 Ics54

We stayed at the Woodwards Resort and we loved it there! The price was reasonable, the room was clean and the best parts were… it has jacuzzi and fireplace! WHAT! Free breakfast wasn’t included in the price, but the breakfast place is just right by the resort’s ‘lobby’ so that wasn’t a problem. I threw in a couple of pictures of our breakfast as well because it was so delicious, haha!

Ics56 Ics57 Ics58 Ics59 Ics60Ics31 Ics32 Ics33 Ics34 Ics35 Ics36 Ics37

We visited the ice castle during the day and night which was awesome! $12 for all day entry? I say that’s a pretty good deal! The ice castle was magical, especially at night. We even got to meet with Elsa and Anna, haha. Plus, because it’s so close Loon Mountain and J loves snowboarding, we even got to snowboard for half a day the next day AND visit our favorite restaurant nearby, Woodstock Inn! Delicious food and the Sweet Potato Ravioli is a must try!

It was a perfect weekend getaway trip (thank you bayiku!). Now that it’s midterm period, I foresee that I’ll be needing a getaway again soon…Anyway, if you’re not one to read chunks of words, here’s a vlog of my weekend trip. Sea you in my next post, www!