Ads & Sponsorships

Hey, you! I’m excited that you’re thinking of sponsoring or placing ads on my blog! As of November 2 2014, A Mermaid’s Rambles has: an average of 1600+ visitors monthly, 80 blog followers (Bloglovin, Facebook, Google Friend Connect) and 370 social media followers (Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). Important note (February 1 2015): I recently moved to a new domain and created brand new social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). The data in this page will be updated in about a month. Stay tuned! 

I’m currently offering two different advertising packages and one sponsorship package, all of which have limited space. If you’d like to collaborate, place an ad, sponsor or if you have further business inquires regarding modeling, reviews, or any other questions, please email me at or fill out the contact form below. I look forward to hear from you soon!