Weekend Getaways: Ice Castels & Snowboarding

Yet another long overdue post. What’s new right? I always do this to myself. There’s so much I want to do.. stream on Twitch, update my blog, create content for my Youtube channel and of course, do my school assignments. But the thing is, I can only focus on one thing at a time and leaving the rest unattended. When I’m working on the things for my Twitch live stream channel, I’ll spend so much time on it that I don’t do all the other things that I’m also supposed to do. Same goes to the times when I’m working on my Youtube, blog posts, etc. Le sigh. Anyway…

J brought me up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago to see the ice castles and go snowboarding. I needed that weekend break. Things have been moving so fast for me that it’s hard to slow down, and every now and then, I seek out short getaway like that to keep myself sane. Usually, I’d be the one planning the trip but this particular one was special because it was J who planned it all (he was even the one who suggested for us to go for a trip). That, ladies and gents, is something so very extremely rare because J just doesn’t plan things, lol.


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Back Home Part 5

This is probably the longest blogisode that I have so far. Alright, here we go.. Part 5. Singapore, my second home. Before going there, I told myself that I’ll stuff myself crazy with all the scrumptious food that I’ve been missing every day. And so I did. Here’s a slideshow of some of the delicious foods and drinks that I had the pleasure to nom and sip while I was in Singapore (plus a couple from my transit in Japan, couldn’t resist the temptation to eat authentic Japanese food)…

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Back Home Part 1

Hello from Singapore, www! It’s been awhile (yet again) and I’m sorry! As soon as school ended, I hopped on the plane and started my 26 hours journey back home. I’d type up posts and have them scheduled but I just didn’t have the time. In case you didn’t know, I am.. well, soon-to-be was the procrastination queen. I spent my last two weeks of the semester getting my assignments and take-home exams done, burning midnight oil almost every night. All I have to say is, never again. I made a promise to myself that I won’t let myself be in that situation again next semester. One new year resolution, added.

Anyway, just received a tweet from a fellow Northeast Blogger that I’m doing a Christmas Swap with, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Kathryn! So glad that she likes what I got for her. I thought it was perfect since she loves makeup and because she works full-time + getting married soon taking a long time to look fresh and ready to go might not always be an option. If you’re interested, you can check out her blog post on my gift here! Terribly sorry about the price tag though, I had a hectic day of work, packing, packaging and cleaning up after all my mess. Completely forgot to scribble over it, haha. But on a brighter side, I think this time around I did pretty good packing on my own compared to my last attempt, lol! Achievement, unlocked.

Tra2 Tra3Tra5

Aaah.. saying goodbye to my fluff ball wasn’t easy. At. All. But I get to see daily pictures of her, so that makes it a tiny wee bit better. Oh, oh, oh! Aside from being able to bring my new baby camera with me, I also got to bring my new passport wallet for my trip! Super love it. Got it for a good deal from Brookstone, and it has my initials on it! I was looking to get one from Etsy, but they’re all so expensive! Plus, this one is made from real leather. A handy thing to help organize my passports, tickets and other things while traveling.


Oh wow. It’s already 11.01 AM. Okay, time to shower and get ready for the day. Sorry for the abrupt ending! I’ll see you in my next post, friends! Promise it’ll be sooner than before, hehe. Oodles of love.