Weekend Getaways: Ice Castels & Snowboarding

Yet another long overdue post. What’s new right? I always do this to myself. There’s so much I want to do.. stream on Twitch, update my blog, create content for my Youtube channel and of course, do my school assignments. But the thing is, I can only focus on one thing at a time and leaving the rest unattended. When I’mΒ working on the things for my Twitch live stream channel, I’ll spend so much time on it that I don’t do all the other things that I’m also supposed to do. Same goes to the times when I’m working on my Youtube, blog posts, etc.Β Le sigh. Anyway…

J brought me up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago to see the ice castles and go snowboarding. I needed that weekend break. Things have been moving so fast for me that it’s hard to slow down, and every now and then, I seek out short getaway like that to keep myself sane. Usually, I’d be the one planning the trip but this particular one was special because it was J who planned it all (he was even the one who suggested for us to go for a trip). That, ladies and gents, is something so very extremely rare because J just doesn’t plan things, lol.


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Last 2014 Summer Trip to Maine

Hey, lovelies! Graduate school has been keeping me busy ever since it started and I can’t wait until the semester is overrrrr! To think that I’m not even halfway through the program… Anyway, here’s a long overdue post. I know I’ve been writing more reviews than any other things lately so I thought, it’s about time!

Before the Summer ended, J and I went back to Camden, ME along with his parents who were already there. Ooh, let me tell you! I was so excited when J said we were going. I love that place if you can’t already tell from my previous trip, haha! This time around, we went to visit more places around the area which was awesome!

On our way to Bar Harbor, we stopped by the Penobscot Narrows Observatory. We had planned to stop by again to go up into the observatory on our way back, but unfortunately that didn’t happen because we were having too much fun at Bar Harbour, hahaha!

Halfway through, we stopped to get some lunch at a restaurant nearby Downtown Ellsworth called Cleonice. Although it took awhile for the food to come (I was starving!) but they were delicious!

And finally we reached Bar Harbor! Quite a long drive, but the view was worth it! Although I think that Bar Harbor is quite similar to Camden, it seems to me that Bar Harbor is a bit more touristy.We walked around the downtown area, bought some blueberry honey and blueberry soda. It was so delicious that I wish they sell it around here…

We went back to Camden in the evening and… we had dinner at Cappy’s! I love that restaurant to pieces. I ordered something different than the last time I was there, fish and chips and clam chowder. Girl, let me tell you Cappy’s clam chowder is a must try! Scrumptious.

The next day it was time for us to go home. I was so sad and I didn’t want for the day to end at all. But we all made the best out of it, had delicious breakfast and played tennis in the morning. Then J’s parents said that they’re planning to stop by the Scarborough Beach so J and I decided to tag along because.. a mermaid can never say no to going to the boach! We stopped to get some lunch at Clambake seafood restaurant before we head over to the beach. The food was so nommalicious! I wish a full plate of all those finger licking goodness just magically appear in front of me right now…

Scarborough beach was wonderful. It kind of reminds me of the beaches in North Carolina. I’ve never been there but, I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks inspired movies so that should explains how I know, haha. Anyway, I didn’t get to swim because the water was freezing cold, I still had a great time dipping my feet into it. Speaking of water… I have officially made it into Finfolk Productions line of production calendar 3 days ago! For those of you who don’t know, Finfolk is in my opinion the current best full silicone, swimmable mermaid tail maker company. You can check out their Facebook to see some of their magnificent tails. I can’t wait until I get my mine.. but first I still have to complete my design. I’ll get to it once I’m done with my last mid-term paper. Sigh, the life of a grad student…

I loved the trip and I’m so glad that I got to spend every single moment with J and his parents. So thank you, sayang for bringing me to the trip with you. It was the perfect end to my Summer and now that it ended.. I can’t wait for the cold to go away already! Hahaha! I hope you ended your Summer well too, lovelies! See you in a splash!