Weekend Getaways: Ice Castels & Snowboarding

Yet another long overdue post. What’s new right? I always do this to myself. There’s so much I want to do.. stream on Twitch, update my blog, create content for my Youtube channel and of course, do my school assignments. But the thing is, I can only focus on one thing at a time and leaving the rest unattended. When I’m working on the things for my Twitch live stream channel, I’ll spend so much time on it that I don’t do all the other things that I’m also supposed to do. Same goes to the times when I’m working on my Youtube, blog posts, etc. Le sigh. Anyway…

J brought me up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago to see the ice castles and go snowboarding. I needed that weekend break. Things have been moving so fast for me that it’s hard to slow down, and every now and then, I seek out short getaway like that to keep myself sane. Usually, I’d be the one planning the trip but this particular one was special because it was J who planned it all (he was even the one who suggested for us to go for a trip). That, ladies and gents, is something so very extremely rare because J just doesn’t plan things, lol.


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Recap: Pumpkins and Halloween


Hey merfriends! Is it just me or did October ended way too quickly? Seriously though. It feels like it was just yesterday that J and I were packing to go to Florida.. the year was just beginning and now it’s already ending. Although I hate to know that the cold winter weather is coming, I’m excited that the semester is about to end and holiday season is just around the corner! Speaking of holiday season and since my birthday is less than a month away.. exciting news! I’m planning to do a little giveaway as well as charity game live stream! I’ll share more of the details soon through my TwitterInstagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me and keep a look out for it!

Fa3Fa5 Fa6Fa7 Fa8About a week before Halloween, J and I finally went to pick up a couple of pumpkins for us to carve. It was my first time going to a farm to pick out pumpkins and I was hoping that we’d be able to pick right from the patches but that didn’t happen. I guess we went there too late in the season? I’m not too sure, but perhaps next year we’ll go earlier instead of waiting until the last-minute, haha. We went to Cider Hill Farm and there were plenty of pumpkins to choose from but it was so hard to pick the perfect one! I can’t recall how many times I said, “hey this one is nice!” and a few seconds later followed by “oh nope nevermind” after turning the pumpkin around, hahaha! It took me a long time to pick out mine and I think it only took J less than ten minutes to pick his. I am so picky sometimes it’s just too much, lol.

Fa9 Fa10The farm has a store that sells various of things and it also has its own bakery. J and I were eyeing on their sugary apple cider donuts the moment we arrived, haha! We ended up getting a dozen for ourselves and half a dozen plus a pumpkin whoopie pie for his parents. Those donuts were delicious and if you’ve never had them, you’re missing out!

Fa12 Fa11 Fa13Before going back home we stopped by Target, Home Depot and Walmart to find pumpkin carver kits because for some reason, we threw away the ones we bought two years ago. Again, we realized that we’re too late in the season because it was so hard to find them! While I settled with the kids version, J bought an electric pumpkin carver instead thinking that it might work better, but boy was he wrong.. hahaha! The first time that I carved a pumpkin was two years ago. It was super small.. J and I got to carved it together. This year I finally get to carve real pumpkin and I was so excited to begin until I’m half-way through.. So. Much. Work! Hahaha! I still had a whale of time doing it though, I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Fa15 Fa14

On Halloween night, J and I dressed up as characters from Diablo 3! Super fun! We even sprayed each other’s faces with fake blood! I loved giving out candies to the kids who came by for treak-or-treating. I can’t wait until we have our own place. So excited to decorate our future home especially for the holiday season.. So excited to cook and play house-wife.. So excited about everything that involves moving out, basically. Hahaha.

How was your October/Halloween, merfriends?

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Review: King Richard’s Faire

Krf1Krf73Ever since my first year being in the United States, it’s been a tradition for me to go to King Richard’s Faire also known as KRF. When J first told me about it I was a total noob and had no idea what a renaissance fair was. Naturally, my first experience time experience to KRF I was super enchanted. With each visit I always feel like I’m being teleported back in time. This year, J and I went back to check out what new things KRF has to offer, drink some delicious mead and of course, to visit J’s favorite Edward Beard Jr. painting store! This year it’s a little different because I finally get to dress up in my tavern wench costume from last Halloween! Haha! I’ve been wanting to, but nobody has ever wanted to do it with me so I decided to just go ahead and do it this year. I mean, why not right?

Krf2Krf4Krf77Krf5Krf6Krf8It takes about an hour and a half to get to KRF in Carver, MA from where we’re currently staying. The traffic was okay until you get closer to the area. It’s definitely better to head up there early and even if there’s no traffic at all that’s even better because you’ll get to take your own sweet time and explore KRF more. One awesome thing is that the parking is free! No hassle, you can just walk from the parking lot to the entrance of the fair, which is about less than 5 minutes depending on your parking spot.

As soon as you enter, it feels like you just entered a different realm. Plenty of people dressed up as per usual so that made me feel less lonely since J refused to dress up, lol. Those who chose to dress up were seriously into playing their part right. They speak using the old slang that I find it quite hard to understand, haha!

Krf10 Krf9 Krf12 Krf14 Krf15  Krf56 Krf55

There are plenty of unique stores spread out throughout the fair grounds and most of them sell handmade things from medieval clothing, musical instruments, paintings to various types of trinkets. As mentioned earlier, J and I were so excited to stop by Edward Beard Jr.’s store but unfortunately we were so disappointed to find out that he actually has retired from KRF.. We, especially J loves his paintings. It’s a shame that his shop has been replaced with a store that sells kilt. Boo.

Krf17 Krf68Krf39 Krf40 Krf20 Krf21 Krf22 Krf26 Krf24We were both starving by the time we arrived and obviously our first order of business was to get some noms before we get hangry (and by we I mean, “I”, haha!). In KRF, in order to purchase foods and drinks loyal subjects have to first purchase food tickets from the food tickets stalls located in several parts of the fair so be sure to bring along some cash with you. But should you forget to bring cash, fret not, there are ATMs around KRF that visitors will be able to make use of.

There are two separate eating area. The bigger one is located in the center of everything and the other is located near the archery area. The food and drink prices were quite expensive to be honest. Both J and I had some chicken fingers and fries which were good but again, pricey. I remember the first time that I had mead was in KRF because J introduced me to it and it was probably the best mead that I’ve ever had. This year, apparently there are many people love it so much that every tavern that we’ve been to ran out of it.

Krf61Krf37Krf33 Krf16Krf30 Krf27After we were done satisfying our tummies, we decided to walk around in search for the mead. We stumbled upon flower crown lady, medieval doctors, warriors, a few royals and the best of all… King Richard himself! So totes-obvs I had to take a photo with him, haha! I swear he doesn’t look a day old compared to the last time we saw him which was last year. I wasn’t sure who the lady on the right was and at first I thought she was the queen, but I was wrong. She was super friendly and elegant that I just had to ask her to join in the photo.

Krf34Krf35Afterwards, we made our way to one of the face-painting stalls because like the past two years, this mermaid has to get her face-painting done because when else do I get to do it! Haha! I had my face painted by the same lady last year and I love her creations! Me being me, I’ve always been creating my own design instead of choosing from the hundreds that are available to choose from, lol. So I told her of my favorite colors and that I wanted mermaid scales design and with those in simple clues, she worked her magic. It didn’t take her long at all and when she was done, I was left in awe just like the previous customer before me. I loved it!

Krf25 Krf23 Krf57Krf29 Krf36 Krf69 Krf38Krf59Krf70

There are multiple of great shows around KRF, from the Mud Show to the Royal Joust Show. There’s even Royal Parade that happens at certain timing of the day. I believe that as of now we’ve seen almost all of the shows. We’ve even have seen some of the shows multiple times and the only two new shows that we caught this year were the Acrobatix and the Mud Show as recommended by J’s friends. I personally think it wasn’t as good as how they described it but still, they were funny and witty. Last year we managed to watch a few other fun shows such as Jacques Ze Whipper and the Royal Joust Show and they were all awesome. We also went into the Dragonwick Dungeon Show last year but unlike the other shows I hated it. Basically, inside the dungeon there are about 14 torture devices that are displayed along with dolls and other visuals. It’s probably not suitable for young kids and plus it smelled so bad in there I’m not even kidding. Even for a $2, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Krf45 Krf44 Krf48 Krf46 Krf47

Another tradition that J and I have always been doing at KRF is to tie a rope into the tree while making a wish. The ropes are free for grabs and anyone is welcomed to make a wish. I absolutely love the sense of hope and magic that this particular place resembles.

Krf31Krf70 Krf32 Krf76 Krf72 Krf41Just when you think you’ve seen all of the stores and little shops, you’ll continue to come across more, each sells various different unique things. If J and I were to go again next year, I really want to get my hair braided and have us painted by the Court Painter! I’ve seen some of the paintings and I wantz eet! Not sure of the price though… but it’ll most likely be expensive.


Krf66Krf67 Krf65Last year we didn’t get to purchase some King’s Nuts because we ran out of tickets. So this year we made sure have enough to get some! The smell was so divine, I’m telling you! J and I had to ‘fight’ each other to get our share, haha! Also.. guess what?! While we were strolling around, we saw a guy holding a bottle of mead as he was walking towards a nearby tavern. Haha, being the kiasu (kyäˌso͞o:(of a person) very anxious not to miss out on an opportunity) girl that I can be, I quickly told J: “let’s follow him!” and we pretty much chased after him, hahaha! But who cares! We managed to get a glass of mead! Win. We had to share one glass only due to the fact that we had not enough tickets to purchase two.. but it’s okay. It was still delicious to the very last drop!

Krf71 Krf63 Krf62 Krf53 Krf52 Krf51 Krf50 Krf49 Krf75

Aside from having plenty of food, drinks and various shows to watch, there are also a variety of activities as well as games that visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy (fyi, you’ll also need cash to participate in each of them). The first year that I visited KRF, I actually won the knife throwing game! It was so exciting because I didn’t even know what I did right, lol. This year J and I played a couple of games and he almost won multiple times! We also spent about $20 and got our hands molded from wax. Again, pricey but meh.. it was a pretty cool experience, not gonna lie.

Krf60 Krf54Krf78

Overall, both J and I enjoyed our visit to KRF this year. We ended up bringing home a cat painting for J’s sister, our wax hand mold, and happy hearts. If you’ve never been to a renaissance faire before, give it a try! And if you’re from Massachusetts, you definitely would want to give KRF a try! It’s truly a different experience, you won’t regret it. Final verdict? 4 out of 5 starfishes!

King Richard’s Faire 

Address: 235 Main Street, Carver, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 866-5391 or (952) 238-9915