Weekend Getaways: Ice Castels & Snowboarding

Yet another long overdue post. What’s new right? I always do this to myself. There’s so much I want to do.. stream on Twitch, update my blog, create content for my Youtube channel and of course, do my school assignments. But the thing is, I can only focus on one thing at a time and leaving the rest unattended. When I’mΒ working on the things for my Twitch live stream channel, I’ll spend so much time on it that I don’t do all the other things that I’m also supposed to do. Same goes to the times when I’m working on my Youtube, blog posts, etc.Β Le sigh. Anyway…

J brought me up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago to see the ice castles and go snowboarding. I needed that weekend break. Things have been moving so fast for me that it’s hard to slow down, and every now and then, I seek out short getaway like that to keep myself sane. Usually, I’d be the one planning the trip but this particular one was special because it was J who planned it all (he was even the one who suggested for us to go for a trip). That, ladies and gents, is something so very extremely rare because J just doesn’t plan things, lol.


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A Trip to Franklin Park Zoo

Three Sundays ago Jeff and I made a trip to Franklin Park Zoo. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. Although it was still fun to walk around and see the animals, it definitely broke my heart to see how sad most of the animals seemed to be.. I’m pretty sure most of you have been to the zoo before and you know how it operates, so I won’t write much of the details of my trip and I’ll let my pictures do the talking.

Here’s a tip, don’t even bother buying your tickets online. Why? Because when you’re there, you still have to get in the same line as those who didn’t purchase theirs online. I know.. #whatsthepoint indeed.

Quite a number of the animals were not in their respective places during the time of our visit, which was another bummer…

We didn’t see that many variety of butterflies either.. I think we saw only about three different types. Nobody really did look after the cocoons and those who have successfully turned into butterflies were stuck in the glass box until a zoo keeper comes and let them out. Very different from Singapore’s Butterfly Park.

Those two Mandrills looked so depressed but they were somewhat more interactive than the other animals. So I spent quite awhile, squatting by the glass separator attempting to play with them. They responded for a few times and then went back to being depressed.. Which made me really, really sad.

The gorillas were the ones that seemed to be the saddest. They were covering their faces, hides themselves from the visitors and they just have that sad look in their eyes. The last picture that I snapped, she looked right into my eyes and just spoke to me through them. Instantly of course, I felt overwhelmingly sad. Safe to say that after seeing what I saw, I refuse to go back to Franklin Park Zoo. Those animals deserve better.

Have you been to the zoo nearby where you live? How has your experience been?